Design & Analysis Sorter (Image Sorter)

MTC has developed specialized software to facilitate image data analyses, with the goal of reducing computational and categorizational errors. The image sorter below will help both experienced and novice investigators arrange their data sets for analyses.

Data do not come from the
scanner ready for analysis.
They need to be put into various
formats so that analytical
software can handle them easily,
but more importantly, accurately.

Getting interleaved MRI
acquisition images into the
proper directories, in the correct
temporal sequence is the purpose
of the MTC Image Sorter. It
excels at renumbering and
placing each image into its
respective directory for analysis,
and does so when huge numbers
of images are involved, without
having to learn and re-learn
tedious command line protocols,
where single mistakes can often
go undetected until much later
when the analysis is inspected. The MTC Image Sorter reduces the probability of errors in data manipulation.

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