Analysis Viewer

Memory Testing Corporation has developed software, the ƒMRI Viewer, to process ƒMRI data sets. It uses highly accurate merging routines based on the most advanced research.

The ƒMRI Viewer consits of
a three panel display with
various pull-down menus for
accessing and storing data while
showing both anatomical and
funtional data in three languages.

Each of the three visual panels
shows an orthogonal view of
the brain, (sagittal, coronal, and
axial) and each view is rapidly
updated each and every time the
user chooses to view any
particular area of the brain. MTC
funtional data is mathematically
merged, not overlaid, into each
anatomical volumetric data for
display. The purpose of the
ƒMRI Viewer is to combine anatomical and functional data in a reliable, rigorous and accurate manner. This ƒMRI Viewer is easy to use. Its results may be stored in a large volumetric set, JPEG images, DICOM images, or emailed to a physician who wishes to see the results quickly.

ƒMRI Viewer: Data Set Creator - Multiple Slice Selector

ƒMRI Viewer: Data Set Creator


The Data Set Creator in theƒMRI Viewer
allows accuracy by examining each of the
various components of spatial localization
(orientation of the slice) the offset (in all
three planes0 the angle of acquisition, the
field of view (FOV) and the space between
slices. Slice thickness is handled in another
registration parameter setting.

The high value of this software may be seen in that functional data may
be acquired along ANY angle, such as aligned with the posterior margin
of the brain stem, or parallel to the Silvian fissure, rendering obsolete
viewers which do not allow canted or tilted slices to be merged



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