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Dr. John P. Brockway

Dr. John P. Brockway is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Memory Testing Corporation and our new affiliate, 361 Systems, Inc.

An educator for over twenty-five years, with A.B., M.S. and Ph.D. in experimental psychology, Dr. Brockway now consults, conducts and teaches ƒMRI as well as detection and discrimination of breast cancer, using complex data analysis and display. He has taught graduate and undergraduate University students in Germany, Austria and in the United States. He has spoken widely on the advantages of technological advances in computers and medicine and has published numerous scientific articles concerned with the relationship between cognitive function and brain structures, and most recently, detecting and discriminating breast cancer.

He works closely with neurologists, neuroradiologists, breast cancer surgeons, and neurosurgeons to increase the quality of patient care and outcome in Departments of Radiology and Neurosurgery. Currently with MemTestCorp™ he consults for and with hospitals and clinics, supervises and conducts research in hospitals, clinics and various medical centers in the United States. His program of clinically applied research focuses on the creation of accurate, useful topotonological brain maps using human memory as one tool to gauge the state of brain function. Since January 2002, he has recently developed three dimensional computerized tools for the detection of mammographically occult breast cancer.

He has developed many specialized software tools for brain mapping, both intraoperative and functional magnetic resonance imaging, together with complete computerized neurocognitive memory assessment. His recent published work focuses on the cognitive consequences following brain surgery for epilepsy and the fascinating and extensive knowledge learned from the most recent and innovative advances in brain imaging, functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Very recently, he has published work with Angelina Tzacheva on static region descriptors and neural networks in detecting and discriminating breast cancer. This method has been published in the Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2003 Mar;17(3):337-42.i Very recently, he has been working with Ben Carruthers to detect, identify and classify breast cancer which has been unable to be detected with mammography or by ultrasound. They have published some of these methods in the Journal of Computing Medical Graphics, 2004 Dec;28(8):435-44.i

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