Uses of ƒMRI with Image Guided Systems

Memory Testing Corp. provides elegant systems solutions for performing
functional magnetic resonance imaging. These systems include visualization
tools, for understanding highly complex mathematical integrations of ƒMRI
data collection, interpretation, integration and display of ƒMRI data.

MTC provides visual solutions to many complex tasks, providing an easy,
reliable, rigorous and accurate approach. MTC solutions help produce well-
integrated approaches to brain functional data, handling these data in an
accurate fashion and displaying these data in an advanced format.

This is a merged ƒMRI and SPGR MRI image. The active areas are highlighted in gray. This represents part of the results from the WADA test within the Analysis Viewer test.

Memory Testing Corp. produces ƒMRI data which can be mathematically
merged into whole volume anatomical data sets, such as T1 weighted SPGR
with fiducials in place, collected in a single session.

These data are then merged, transformed and transferred to the Image Guided System which produces an image map. This ƒMRI merged data sets provide the surgeon with a unique map which is:

• individualized
• accurate
• topotonologically explorable
• more specific

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