Our Memory Tests

Comprehensive Memory Test (CMT) The CMT is a computerized series of 14 memory tests that provides an accurate, reliable method for analyzing memory performance.

It tests both recognition and recall functions for written words, object naming, categories, faces and numbers in a randomized manner.

The CMT can be used repeatedly with reliable results. The randomization process makes it possible to perform multiple testing of the same person over time with minimal learning effect. The CMT requires that another individual administer the test.

Included with the CMT are a manual and scoring sheets with instructions.

These tests have been normed on several different populations providing comparisons for different types of dysfunction. After scoring the test, you can determine an individual's performance quickly. Those results can then be compared to averages and assessed for functional level. This test provides a useful assessment that augments other sources of diagnosis including clinical observation, EEG, ECoG, MRI, SPECT, PET, and MEG.

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Specialized Tests Memory Testing Systems has developed specialized tests for use in making brain maps of eloquent language functions. 

These are used during awake language mapping, either in the operating room or in a hospital setting.  A specialized set of these tests was developed for and is used during functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, while a person is lying inside a MRI machine having her or his brain functions mapped.

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